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Founder / Owner

For over fifteen years, Steve has been creating high quality television.  In that time, he has worked every job in the industry, from Camera Operator to Editor.  Eventually, he climbed his way up to Executive Producer.  To date, Steve has helped create over 500 hours of innovative programming.
In 2012 Steve founded Cricket Pictures, a boutique production company in
Los Angeles.  At Cricket, Steve and his team excel at finding unique on-camera talent and developing dynamic formats around them.
Steve and his team have created, produced, and packaged several reality shows for series. Content partners include Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Spike, CMT, TruTV, and others.
In 2015, Steve created and produced a 60 minute documentary "OUTATIME", about the restoartion of the real DeLorean Time Machine from "Back to the Future".  Steve personally handled all aspects of the film - including negotiations, licensing, contracts, clearances, scheduling, budget, talent, editing and more. 
The film was so successful that Universal Studios included a 20 minute version of the film on their 30th Anniversary "Back to the Future" BluRay box set.
Currently, Steve is developing several projects for television and online distribution.
Steve is represented by Chris Perez of Donaldson + Callif.
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